I’m An Ambivert, I Swear!

You know how when you’re scrolling through Facebook (something I do way too often) and you come across one of those silly quizzes? Maybe testing your Disney knowledge, which Avengers character you’d be, or the “guess your age and gender” one that always seems to think I’m a 60 year old man…Yeah those. Well I came across one the other day about finding out what your love language is. Now I don’t go on believing that these quizzes are really able to tell me who I am and all that jazz, (I mean I’m obviously not a 60 year old man,) but this one really hit me.

I’m one of those people who are stuck between introverted and extroverted. Everyone who spends a quality amount of time with me may say “No! Not at all, you’re so extroverted!” But really! I’m an ambivert; the dictionary defines ambivert as “Someone who is both introverted and extroverted.” I can totally sit and watch Netflix all day but eventually I get bored of being alone and I need to get out of the house and do something, whether it be going to a friends house or going out to eat with someone close. I can thrive in a crowded place and at a low key get together.

So with an awkward transition and all, I received the “Quality Time” love language and I am so surprised of my result, because sometimes I feel so awkward just sitting with someone without the little distractions life gives us. If I can’t find something to talk about and we’re just sitting in silence I become clammy and I chew on my lips and it’s just not pretty, but I can also see why I received this result. I love spending time with people, there’s a reason Adam needed Eve, he was lonely! I mean don’t get me wrong, I love my little dachshund, Rogue, but sometimes a girl just needs to talk to someone that will do more than just stare at you with cute doggy eyes.

I guess what I’m trying to say is find out what your way of expressing your love to other’s is and tell the people in your life what it is and why, because when you don’t communicate that you’ll just be stuck in this rut of disappointment and the people around you that you love won’t understand why. God didn’t just give Eve to Adam so he wouldn’t just be sitting there watching Netflix all day, (I mean taking care of the animals,) He gave her to him so they could thrive together and create something good.

I know, it’s short…



P.S: You might be surprised to learn that my number 2 love language was touch.  I now shocking isn’t it to some of you. I was confused too!

K I’m done!


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